Conscia Netsafe

top system integrator of Cisco solutions in Sweden

Everything Conscia Netsafe does focuses on how Cisco network, data center and IT-security solutions may be constructed and implemented in the best possible way.

The cornerstones of the company are the expertise of our consultants, which are among the highest certified Cisco consultants in Sweden, and the mentality to perform on top and always deliver the best possible solutions to our customers.

System integrator from Sweden

We are a system integrator from Sweden whose work and solutions are based on a validated design process. After delivery, we continuously work to provide service and support with our proprietary, and Cisco award-winning CNS service platform. Everything we deliver must be best in class. We do not use junior staff in our service desk. If our customers are having problems in their network and need urgent problem solving, our experts will be available within five minutes.

Cisco Gold Partner

We are a Cisco Gold Partner, focusing on Cisco technology since 1999. Cisco is the world’s leading producer of networking and data center equipment and focuses, like Conscia Netsafe, on developing integrated solutions that are the foundation for all of the client’s IT-infrastructure. As we work exclusively with Cisco technology, we are updated, trained and audited on the latest Cisco technology and we have unique and well-certified knowledge for designing and building robust and well-functioning networks.

Sweden’s CCDE-certified experts work at Conscia Netsafe

In Sweden, we have all the CCDE experts and most of the CCIE certified experts, outside Cisco. This means that you will always be working with qualified experts when you contract Conscia Netsafe and our well-documented expertise ensures security and quality in our delivery.

Trusted Advisor

Conscia Netsafe can also serve as a Trusted Advisor. For example, in our Best Practice Service Offer, we can suggest which software updates we recommend in every individual case.

Owned by Conscia A/S

The main owner of Conscia Netsafe is Conscia A/S in Denmark. Staff members of the company own the remaining minority share. In a few short years, Conscia has become one of the most important players on the market for large network solutions in the Nordic region and the Netherlands.

If you would like to know more about the company, please feel free to contact us.

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